Real estate advice

Where to start? Valorim supports owners or tenants in the search for their future property. From initial prospecting, through analysis, audit, valuation to financing, Valorim advises throughout the entire purchasing process to make it as simple as possible.

Valorim sits on the same side of the table as its clients in order to provide neutral and transparent advice with an overall view. Operating in open architecture, like independent wealth managers, Valorim chooses the most appropriate service providers to provide immediate, pragmatic responses. This client-oriented service simplifies property search mandates.

Thanks to its unique network of real estate players in Switzerland, both private and institutional owners, Valorim is ideally positioned to find properties that precisely meet its client’s expectations. Valorim supports them in their decision-making by conducting the analyses and audits necessary for a complete and impartial review of the possibilities. Thanks to the wealth of relationships with many players and real estate professionals in Switzerland, Valorim carries out an optimal valuation and implements ad hoc financing solutions.

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