Valorim has many years of know-how acquired in family offices, in the real estate sector and in digital. This expertise allows clients to benefit from unique support on the market.



Valorim's in-depth knowledge of the French-speaking Swiss real estate market, combined with its mastery of the many management professions, makes it possible to identify the best solutions for its clients. The operation of a property, whether residential or commercial, involves mastering certain aspects of law, finance, administrative or technical management. This foundation promotes creativity that leads to effective results.


Independence is a guarantee of performance. Valorim searches for real estate proposals that are the most suitable and advantageous for its clients. These principals are the only ones with whom Valorim has a contractual link, so avoiding favouring one commercial partner or another. This independence induces a better adaptability which results in an optimal quality of service.



Expertise without a network is nothing. That of Valorim is based on more than 25 years of experience. It allows you to know exactly who to contact, to find the right interlocutor, the perfect partner capable of responding to the most demanding requests.


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