Valorim is the preferred adviser for the search for real estate investments and the optimisation of real estate assets.

Two observations, made by Jérôme Félicité and Manuel Alvarez, the founders of Valorim, preceded its launch: more and more owners express the need to benefit from personalised services as well as a complete and detailed review of their real estate portfolio. This requires neutral advice on analysis, performance and maximisation of consolidated assets.

Launched in March 2022 in Geneva, Valorim is an independent company, but which can rely, if required, on the excellent reputation of Gerofinance | Régie du Rhône, BARNES, BARNES Commercial Realty and EDIFEA with which it shares a common shareholder base.


Valorim Asset Management SA
Avenue de l’Étang 57
CP 1211 Genève 2

 2022 - Valorim Asset Management SA