Valorim answers your questions for a better understanding of our activities in real estate asset management, reporting or property search.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between asset management and property management?

  • The property management companies only manage the buildings for which they have a mandate, while asset management considers all the buildings in the same portfolio.

Is the asset management activity regulated by FINMA?

  • Asset management is only an advisory service and is not subject to FINMA rules.

Does Valorim entrust the buildings under management exclusively to Gerofinance | Régie du Rhône?

  • Valorim has no obligation or commitment to entrust the management of the buildings solely to Gerofinance | Régie du Rhône. It can guide the choice of its clients according to the specific skills and experience of each property management company, but the owners always have the final say.

How much do Valorim services cost?

It depends on the type of service:

  • For portfolio consolidation and reporting, there is in principle a fixed fee for project initiation and set-up, after which the client pays an annual licence.
  • For portfolio management, annual fees are established according to the size of the portfolio, its complexity and its geographic distribution. In principle, this can represent between 0.5 and 1% of the annual rental state.
  • For the search for property, commitment fees are provided for at the signing of the mandate and then performance fees in the event of the signing of a deed of sale, a lease or a contract.
  • For any other type of advice, we agree with our clients on a fixed-rate fee according to the estimated workload.

Does Valorim consider clients who do not have buildings under management at Gerofinance | Régie du Rhône?

  • Of course, because Valorim's activity does not depend on the choice of property management company.

Does Valorim take care of the financing?

  • Yes, thanks to its network of specialised institutions and the best brokers, it makes sure to gather all the necessary elements and collaborates with these service providers in order to obtain the best conditions for its clients.

Does Valorim take care of the valuation or appraisal of real estate?

  • Yes, thanks to its network with accredited companies, it makes sure to bring together all the necessary elements and collaborates with these service providers in order to guarantee a valuation in line with the expectations of its clients and the levels of the market.

Does Valorim act as a broker?

  • Valorim has no properties in its portfolio for sale. However, we accompany and advise the owners who wish to sell. In particular by giving them an opinion on the value and market conditions, by introducing them to the most appropriate brokers according to the type of property and their location and then by accompanying the seller owners during the sales process.

What is the difference between a relocation company and Valorim?

  • Relocation companies mainly focus their activity on finding residential properties for rent (apartments & houses), while Valorim operates for all types of property (buildings, hotels, retail space, houses, apartments and land) whether rental or for sale.

What differentiates the property search activity from that of brokerage?

  • A brokerage company only sells the goods for which it has the mandate, while Valorim seeks out the goods from all brokerage companies, independent agents and off-market, which correspond to the criteria of its clients. 
  • The DNA of Valorim is to search, that of brokerage is to sell.

What doesn't Valorim do?

  • We do not sell real estate
  • We do not rent real estate
  • We are not software vendors
  • We do not directly manage real estate

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